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Avoid dirt from the soles of shoes and sneakers with PATUX


Collect and Classify your Wash with the PATUX Wash Cover, flexible and easy to use.


Protect your iron from scratches and dust with the PATUX Iron Cover.


Store your Ironing board and avoid tears and deterioration with the PATUX Ironing board Cover

Made in Spain

Fabricados en España

Patux® products are manufactured 100% in Spain, in the province of Ciudad Real.

Resistant and durable

Composition 50% cotton and 50% polyester to ensure strength and durability.

Quality Made In Spain

Our products are resistant to washing and reusable thanks to the high quality of their fabrics and manufacturing methods.

What those who have tried Patux think:

  • I did not know of the existence of shoe covers but since I have discovered them I can’t be without them. I have small children at home and ever since we wear the Patux shoe covers, I am very much at ease because I know that there is no dirt from the street on the floor and they can be on itwith complete and total safety. Also, now I have my footwearorganized, located and visible. Another product of enormous utility is the wash cover, where I place and classify the various dirty clothes that my "lions" get dirty and in another wash cover my dirty clothes and the dirty clothes of my husband.

    María José Caballero
    María José Caballero Nutritionist
  • As a nurse, I know of the need for hygiene and avoiding germs in the home. For this reason, the shoes covers are ideal. I feel secure knowing that the dirt in the street does not enter with the shoes into my house. Likewise, because of my work at the hospital, I know the importance of organizing and keeping the iron and ironing board clean. For this, the iron covers and the Patux ironing board covers are ideal.

    Marta Molina
    Marta Molina Nurse
  • Because of my job I know the dirt that comes in from the street that accumulates in industries, offices and work centers. I discovered the shoe covers at María José Espinosa Laguna's house and I loved the idea. So much so that I use them in my own apartment. If by law they are used to prevent the spread of bacteria in hospitals and in food productfactories, why not use them for the same purpose in the home?

    José Luis Novés
    José Luis Novés Industrial Engineer