About PATUX®

In Patux® we offer simple and comfortable solutions

to facilitate the tasks at home.

Our goal is to provide order, comfort and hygiene in the home in a simple and practical way.
Making life easier and more comfortable for all those who perform the daily household tasks is our motivation.

María José Espinosa,
Founder and Creator.

Our story

The founder and creator of Patux®, María José Espinosa Laguna, was born in Calzada de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) in 1965 and studied Interior Design in Ciudad Real.

Since she was passionate about cleanliness and order, and had a shortage of time, she created shoes to avoid staining the floor of her apartment with the dirt from the street, so that she did not need to scrub the floorfrequently. She used to have numerous shoe covers for the visits she received at home (relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc).

Because of the small spaces in the apartment, she found it very useful to use covers to cover and classify dirty clothes (wash covers), which she placed on a kitchen cabinet shelf. Just like the iron covers and the ironing board covers that completely covered the products and left the house tidy and organized. Also the iron and ironing board were protected from dust and scratches.
So all in all, this reduced the work at home and kept it clean and organized.

Over the years, these products have become increasingly popular among family, friends and acquaintances because of the organization, tidiness and ease of use that they bring to the people who are in charge of housework and the time saving that accompanies their use in keeping the home clean and tidy.

Owing to the great demand for her products in the sector of home cleaning, Maria Jose took a step further and began the process of industrialization of the articles PATUX to introduce them into the market.